About June Lee Dow


June lee DowMy name is Sohyune Lee Dow. People just call me “June.” I’ve been teaching Chinese for over 15 years. During this time, I’ve had some wonderful experiences and met some great people. And I’ve seen many of these people succeed in their life with Chinese. I love teaching and seeing people develop. That helps me to develop too. I learn a lot from my students.

I have taught Chinese in various places, including: elementary schools, middle schools, LG Electron laboratory, SK telecom, Lotte Hotel, Lotte Electron, Gukdo chemical, KCC, Korea Federation of Textile Industries, Hyundai A-san Hospital, Pagoda, YBM as major companies also I worked at Kotra, COEX as an export negotiation interpreter. In 2006, I started my own school for children, Kangnam, in Seoul, with over 10 years experience. This school made me a successful woman. There was no reason for me to leave my school. But I had another dream that I wanted to pursue. (Coming to the United States of America!)

I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until I was 20 years old. My major in College was Chinese. After my first year in Korea I took an examination for the second-year Chinese class at Beijing Language and Culture University. Beijing is the capital of China and it is my second home town. Right after I graduated from university, I went to Bournemouth, in England to study English where I stayed for one year.

June Lee Dow Dragon PowerAfter returning to Korea, I started working as a Chinese instructor and interpreter. And I met many beautiful people. Meanwhile I went for a Master’s degree at HUFS and Korea University for Chinese and International Relations. I love being at school and learning. Learning is my passion. I love languages, history, music, film, drawing, oriental philosophy and oriental medicine. Recently I studied English at LSI-Los Angeles for another step in my life. My father worked for the Korean government for his whole life. He retired a few years ago. My mother is a stylist. I have two younger brothers, Sangjun is a game character designer and Sangjin is an English teacher. I’m thankful and proud of them that they are my family. I also have family members that live in Beijing. My uncle passed away few years ago. My aunt and my sister Qiang Li still live there. For 4 years in Beijing, I had a great time because of them. China, and Chinese, made me a special person and it is my treasured secret in my life. It is never too late for you to start studying Chinese. You might see another wonderful world in your life map that you never expected! I can’t to wait to meet you!

June Lee Dow is happily married and lives in the San Fernando Valley.