What is the main thing that is different about your approach to teaching Chinese that makes it better and faster?

I get you speaking conversationally right away. You will be able to make sentences easily with what you learn, especially by the 3rd class.

I studied Spanish in high school and found it really hard. Isn’t Chinese way more difficult?

Actually, Chinese is one of easiest languages to learn. The word order and grammar is similar to English. That’s why many English speakers unexpectedly can speak Chinese well. Also, there are no irregular verb conjugations at all. Another thing that makes Chinese easy to learn is that there is no difference between the subjective and objective case. Many people think that Chinese is not an easy language because its characters look like drawings. The WRITTEN side of Chinese can be hard to learn but don’t worry because it is even difficult for native Chinese speakers!


When choosing a Chinese teacher, I want to find someone who really speaks with a correct accent and really knows the culture. Since you were originally from Korea does that mean that I will be speaking Chinese with a Korean accent?

I agree with you. Chinese is not my mother language. My mother language is Korean. But I cannot teach Korean, because I didn’t train. However, this could be great asset to you because I know what you exactly need. For example, since I myself had to learn Chinese as an adult, I am very aware of the challenges and that means that I will be more sensitive to your needs than a native speaker. I’m so proud of myself that I graduated at Beijing Language and Culture University which is great school. Then I’ve had 15 years teaching experience. In addition, language is only one of part of culture. I have continued studying Chinese and Chinese culture all this time and I can be a great resource for you.


If I take classes with you 2x a week and practice a reasonable amount, how long will it be before I can feel comfortable to have basic conversations in Chinese?

You will feel very comfortable after 3 classes.

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Do you also teach how to read and write Chinese?

One of my English-speaking friends is a member of the embassy staff. I was shocked that he can speak SO well with blond hair and blue eyes. But he told me that he can not read and write Chinese, then he explained that he was lazy. At that time I saw him his regret. In my class we combine everything — speaking, reading and writing. It’s up to you.

What is HSK?

HSK is China’s national standardized test designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers. HSK is divided into three categories:  beginning level (HSK Basic), elementary to intermediate level (HSK Elementary-Intermediate), and advanced level (HSK Advanced).

My company needs me to learn Chinese in a hurry. Do you have a rush course?

Yes, I do. But before you take a rush course, make sure your that this is your decision, and go for it! I will be honored to help you reach your goals.


What kind of learning materials do you use?

I provide my own custom workbooks and handouts for each class and each level. (ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED.) Beijing Cultural Language University is the top university in the world to study Chinese language (where I studied). Personally I prefer their books to other text books and my own handouts are similar to these.


Do I need to find a partner to practice with?

I will be your great partner to practice initially. Usually that is enough but there are many Chinese people in California and they are often eager to speak with you. One thing that a lot of my students to is practice speaking Chinese when they go to a Chinese restaurant.


Why does everyone want Mandarin? Is that a special dialect?

There are many Chinese dialects, including Cantonese. But Mandarin is the dominant dialect and also the official language of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and is one of the four official languages of Singapore. So you will get the most for your effort if you learn Mandarin.