“June Lee Dow has been teaching our two sons, ten and eleven years old, how to speak, read and write Mandarin for almost a year-and-a-half. During this time she has been professional, knowledgeable and reliable. She has shown to be extremely capable, resourceful and creative as an instructor. Ms. Dow has developed an excellent rapport with our sons and has made learning a second language fun and exciting for them. She uses various techniques in teaching them, including recordings, music, pictures, phonics and flashcards. Ms. Dow assigns them regular homework in a method stepped to the next session, but does not overwhelm them.  She is able to gently coax and encourage them into participating even after they have had a long day at school.  Under her tutelage, our sons have excelled in their understanding of Mandarin. Additionally, Ms. Dow is dependable, punctual (often arriving early or staying later), and the epitome of being polite and attentive. We have had a wonderful experience with her and will continue to work with her in the future. We would highly recommend Ms. Dow in this capacity and offer her a reference.”

—Kristine P. Miles
Woodland Hills, CA

“I have known June since 2011. I have studied Chinese with her until now. I studied Chinese when I was at the university, but I had completely forgotten everything I learned about Chinese. June spoon-feeds me and helps me to remember how to actually speak Chinese. She figures out what I was lacking, and prepared a customized lesson for me every class. Therefore, I could study Chinese easily and perfectly. She taught me various expressions in different circumstances which made it easier and so much fun to study Chinese. I was not confident speaking Chinese, but she encouraged me every single class. I appreciate her very much. I believe that her teaching methods can help any student regardless of his/her learning style. June knows exactly what a student needs. I’d like to recommend her strongly!”

—Min hui Park
Los Angeles, CA

“I am an international student studying at Bei Jing Language University in China. I wasn’t very eager about learning Chinese at first. However, I thought that if I could speak Chinese that it would be extremely useful and helpful in my future in many ways. At that time, I had already chosen Japanese as a second foreign language because I thought that Chinese was extremely difficult to study, and it was hard for me to memorize Chinese characters. However, after I met her, I realized that learning Chinese is much easier than Japanese. Therefore, it’s very important to choose the right teacher. As I am currently majoring in Chinese, her lessons really triggered my interest. She had her own skill and teaching method. First, she tested and checked my Chinese words before the start of each lesson. Second, she always focused on my pronunciation with new words. She helped me to memorize words easily. She offered me practical advice with my speaking skill. Third, she was never anxious about the text book, and she never was in a rush. Her focus was on giving me a strong basis to learn Chinese. Her guidance touched many facets of my life! If you want to learn Chinese, I strongly recommend June Lee!”

—Hyunji Lee
Student of Bei Jing Language University

“I highly recommend June Lee.  I work for Korea Federation of Textile Industries. We invited June Lee who has extensive hands-on experience speaking to our office group three times per week with the increased interest China’s global business market, There is higher demand for the Chinese language worldwide. Her lecture was our first introduction to Chinese. She taught Chinese in the most enthusiastic manner that I had ever seen. Even though we were all scared to learn a new language, she tried to relieve our pressure of studying in every class because she knew that it was difficult to work and study at the same time, She would always pass out to us printed materials covering the main points of basic grammar and vocabulary review. She placed emphasis on reading and writing. She gave us various assignments making sentences in Chinese after class. When some of the more difficult Chinese characters surfaced, she helped us to memorize them in the most simplified way. She said that it is very important to polish the fundamentals, She also mentioned that If we were strong on the basics then we could reach a higher level of oral proficiency in Chinese. There were ten office workers who had signed up for her lectures. Three of those ten men took what they had learned the class and were activity speaking Chinese on a functional basis at work. There is something in her teaching method that captivated us!

—Youngchae, Kwon
Korea Federation of Textile Industries

“I learned Chinese from June when I got into the university. I chose Chinese as a second language, and I had to complete the course as a requirement. It wasn’t easy at all. The class had many students who lived in China. When I was in high school, I chose French as a second language, so Chinese was very new to me. It was very difficult to learn unusual pronunciation and Chinese letters. Meanwhile China was becoming a powerful country more and more, so I thought that Chinese would be helpful in many ways in my future. She studied in China for a long time, so she speaks perfect Chinese like listening to tape. In her class, she had us practice basic sentences repeatedly and let us speak naturally. She also explained the theory and history of the Chinese sentences, so we could make sentences easily and speak quickly. It wasn’t complicate at all. Also, it wasn’t only theoretically because she taught theory in practice. When I studied at school, my note in her class helped me a lot. Her lessons provided me with strong foundation in. In Chinese the meaning or nuance can change by a single difference in tone. This part is most difficult for foreigners. Ms. Lee taught with real life example in Chinese. Chinese started to come out from my mouth naturally, I used Chinese whenever I wanted. Also her class was so much fun and interesting that it wasn’t boring at all to learn Chinese. If I had a question in Chinese, she taught me Chinese idioms. She spoke Chinese like a native. I could take advantage of a native speaker’s approach and someone who learned Chinese as a second language like me. From native speakers, we could learn their correct pronunciation and expressions, however, they don’t quite understand what problems we have. On the other hand, a teacher who doesn’t have any experience in China, may not understand what our problems are. Lacking a variety of real life expressions. Ms. Lee understood what our problems were by her experience. Whether though beginning or intermediate lessons her class helped me out a lot with my Chinese. She was not only my Chinese teacher, but she was also a real teacher in the true sense of the word. At that time, I came from my country to Seoul, I lived in Seoul by myself. She always listened to me and served as a guide giving me encouragement. One hot summer day, she bought me health food. She was just like family as we built up confidence in one other. we grew and had considered each other more then just a student-teacher relationship. This helped me in my path in life. I learned a lot from her about the world. Her attitude and behavior gave me motivation in my life. She became my role model and helped me be a better woman. I’m a postgraduate student in management at Seoul University now. She is my teacher and my family. I have confidence in myself. This confidence was from basis of her teaching.”

—Sein Lee,
Postgraduate student in management at Seoul University

“I met Ms. Lee at Pagoda school for the first time When I was finishing my bachelor at the university. I went to school to sign up for English class under pressure from my parents. I met her just before I signed up. It was 2004, February. It’s been 8 years since we’ve met Ms. Lee.  I didn’t think that I could learn and speak Chinese in only a few months. I was very afraid that Chinese will fade away like the English I had studied in middle school. She told me to just trust her and to conform to her ways. she instilled confidence in me. Her classes were very unique. Her classes were very different from others. She always emphasized 多听 多说 多读 多写 (listen a lot, speak a lot, read a lot, write a lot), preview and review well. It helped me a lot. Some say that the more ignorant you are, the more daring you are. I went on a trip to China with a classmate after studying Chinese for 9 months. It was an impuslive thing we did! We didn’t know anyone there. We also didn’t have enough money, and we didn’t know where we were going to, but we thanked Ms. Lee who backed us up on that trip. we learned more Chinese in Beijing, because of the foundation she gave us before we went on the trip. After the China trip, I got a job in Maeil. It would have been nice if I had landed the job as a Chinese specialist, but my major was environment. I’ve kept studying Chinese based on Ms. Lee’s advice. I’ve attended Chinese class at work. As a result, I had a great opportunity to have a presentation in front of Chinese buyers who came to tour our company. Two years ago, a Taiwan company visited, and I guided and introduced our factory to them. Now my main job is related to the environment but my company recognizes me for my Chinese ability. I am also in my fourth year in international trade at Korea National Open University living my dream. Generally, people that I have met at school teachers and students, it has been hard to keep in touch with them after finishing a course, but Ms. Lee was always there when I needed her advice. I think that being a teacher is not only a job to distribute information and knowledge, but also to show students the way to go towards their dreams and vision. I think Ms. Lee is one that achieves that! She was the best teacher that I could have ever learned Chinese from. GOOD LUCK!”

—Changmin, Lee
Public Environment, ChengYang Factory, Maeil Daily Inc.

“It was 10 years ago, and at that time, I worked for Kukdo Chemical. Kukdo Chemical had planned to establish a factory in China. I attended a Chinese class with our employees at work for 3 months. To tell the truth, I started Chinese half-willingly. June Lee was extremely busy as a Chinese instructor at many major companies. I remember that she taught at a middle school and at LG electronic. Chinese was hard to learn in the beginning because there are four intonations, countless Chinese characters, and precise pronounciation, if not it can change the meaning of a word just with the slightest difference in tone. She always reviewed before class, started, and checked vocabulary. Sometimes, it was stressful when she called on me to speak. I didn’t want to be embrassed in front of my co-workers, so I worked hard on it. We also participated in a play in Chinese with co-workers. She gave us handouts and watched real videos to show us how Chinese is used. She taught with passion. After three months, I finished her Chinese traning course. Some of my co-workers and I felt a sense of frustration. We wanted to study more. But we were very busy at work. We couldn’t sign up at her school, so we asked her for group lessons. We thanked her so much for taking the time to teach us. Sometimes, she was so consumed in her work, she lost track of time. We also studied Chinese in Chinese restaurants as she had us order food in Chinese. Now, I have my own business, so I can’t make the time to study Chinese for a while. I sometimes text her in Chinese. If she were here, I would find it in my schedule to take private lesson from her. You are lucky if you can learn Chinese with June lee. I’m so proud of her that a Korean woman can teach Chinese to Americans. There is only one person that can do that. Ms. Lee!”

—Byong-ki, Hong
President, Shin-A Chem Co.

“I am an office worker who is engaged in trading business. I met June just right after I graduated from my university. I signed up for an English class at Pagoda Institute, Kangnam, Seoul, in Korea, and I had a chance to take her class. How lucky was I! I already had experience in taking a Chinese class as an optional subject at school. I wasn’t really interested in Chinese, but her class was different. Her teaching style was truly unique and fun, so I changed my mind about Chinese, and I signed up for her class instead of the English class. For 8 months, I devoted myself to learning Chinese with her. After 8 months, she suggested that I go backpacking in Beijing to increase my Chinese learning. I accepted her suggestion, and I have totally become fascinated with China and the Chinese culture. I had even lived in China for 4 years. More importantly, I met my lovely Chinese wife, got a great job, and had my cute, princess baby!!! June’s Chinese lessons were a turning point from me, and I will always appreciated her. I still clearly remember her class even though it was 9 years ago. I sometimes teach Chinese to children at church. I use her teaching skill to inspire Any school, any teacher can be never compared to her. She knows how to help you speak Chinese quickly. It’s been proven by my students. If I could describe her teaching style briefly, pronunciation -> vocabulary -> grammar -> conversation (PLAYS) She teaches Chinese stage by stage. I felt a bit odd participating in plays in Chinese, but it is the fastest way to speak. She was also a person who counseled on life, shared knowledge. She is a real jack-of-all-trades. For me, I’m so proud of her, that I can brag about her all day long. I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out! Try! You will know soon! If I were born again, I would definitely take her class again!”

—Changyeon Park
Vision Coach, CEDOR, in Seoul

“I have known June Lee for a long time. We had met in the Pagoda foreign language school in Seoul. At that time, she was the Chinese teacher, I was the French teacher. June is a very nice, warmhearted teacher. I like her so much. I am so happy to have been with her. She speaks many languages also. Chinese, English, French. She is a genius. Je vous embrasse très fort.”

—Marie-Claire Hong,